Fibromyalgia Towards Official Recognition In France?

By Lise Loumé

May 12, World Day of fibromyalgia. On this occasion, several associations are the headquarters of the Ministry of Health to obtain recognition of fibromyalgia as a disease in its own.

La fibromyalgie touche à 75 % des femmes.

This is a misunderstood disorder that will heal any medical treatment. Yet it affects up to 3 million French, 14 million people in Europe! Fibromyalgia is characterized by the appearance of diffuse muscle pain, chronic and multiple well as fatigue, accompanied by sleep disorders. “Recognized by the World Health Organization since 1992, fibromyalgia is so difficult to diagnose that some physicians, primary health and departmental homes insurance funds Disability (MDPH) still do not recognize its existence “explains Fibromyalgia SOS on its website. In France, this chronic neuro-muscular-tendon affection is not recognized by health authorities as a separate disease. The French Academy of Medicine said only “syndrome” in a report published in 2007, due to many implications on different organs.

A demonstration = 4 goals

Therefore associations have planned to go to the Ministry of Health this Tuesday, May 12, on the occasion of the World Day of fibromyalgia in order to “obtain recognition of fibromyalgia as a disease in its own despite lack of knowledge of risk factors “as the collective Fibro’Actions internet relays. Other objectives carried by these associations are:

Set a protocol of care (drug) effective for the maintenance of normal life
The introduction of tools to assess the impact on social and professional life to change the rhythm of life (home guards, chores …) and work (part-time positions adapted) by the patient’s physical and mental abilities
The integration of fibromyalgia in the list of diseases eligible for the Long Term Allocation (ALD) to fill the financial loss related to the reduction of working time
Fibromyalgia: from diagnosis to treatment
There is no treatment

But how do you know that you are sick? The many symptoms of fibromyalgia are often associated by misdiagnosis, a tiredness or other disorders such as rheumatism, chronic fatigue syndrome or depression. Result, “fibromyalgia can go undetected for many years,” said the Fibromyalgia SOS. Especially since the origin of this disease – whose symptoms may be increased by various factors (trauma, socio-professional environment, physiological state) – is not determined: Is neurological, hormonal, metabolic, infectious or precisely, multifactor?

For the first time, an unprecedented mobilization for the World Day of Fibromyalgia at the initiative of several patient associations will be held May 12, 2015, from 11h to 16h 100 meters from the Ministry of Health.
POPULATION. 75% of fibromyalgia are women. The average age of disease onset is around 40 to 45 years, but young adults, adolescents, see children can be achieved.

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