OMEPRAZOLE: The Most Common Alcer drugs that Leads to Depression & Alzheimer


Dr. Fliz Mehmud

Most people Blindly trust on Anti-Bitotic Like Omeprazal for quick recovery without knowing their side effects. These dugs are very popular but in many of the drugs that become popular for one reason or another, however, that trust is not always positive.

Many times, when we have blind faith in some products tend to distract and guard down regarding the effects of it. We do not review the components of medicines. Only we care about consuming and now.

This blind trust in medication has caused many people are affected.

They have known many cases where drugs have responded negatively the confidence of the people. In most cases people are fishing reckless and they do not care to even read the contraindications of medicines. A clear example of what we have said is the popular omeprazole. We’ll tell you why.

Abusing this medicine is highly risky for your health

The first thing to clarify with respect to omeprazole is the concept that he has. It has been believed, and still believe, that omeprazole is gastric protector, but it is not. This pill inhibits the normal digestion process

As it does?

Apparently, omeprazole atrophy gastric acid production in our body. Remember that gastric acid is essential for the digestion of food as it is this which is responsible eliminate undesirable elements and components of our body.

What are the negative effects of this medicine?

⦁ May cause anemia, depression, nerve damage and anemia: A steady intake of this medicine may decrease significantly the levels of vitamin b12 in our body

⦁ Decreased Calcium is believed that consumption of this medicine can affect the absorption of calcium in our body and, therefore, the risk of fractures and damage to our bones increase.

⦁ Respiratory conditions: By lowering the production of acid in our body increases the risk of bacteria and infections. These can be transferred to our lungs and cause havoc to the functioning of our respiratory system


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