The Mystery Of Fibromyalgia Finally Solved. What Does This Terrible Disease Cause?


In today’s world there are many sick people. Obviously not all diseases have the same gravity; We can not compare a cold or gastroenteritis with cancer or diabetes.

The mystery of Fibromyalgia finally solved. What causes this terrible disease?

The most important thing in the world is to have good health; People who are seriously ill would give all the money in the world to be able to heal, so if you are healthy you have to thank because no evil is lurking. Unfortunately, not all diseases have cures …


In the world there are several syndromes that have no cure, are very rare and medical companies have not put efforts to fight them. People who are born with them or acquire them during their lives are quite unhappy because they feel that they are sometimes a hindrance to society; They are nothing like this, but we must help them in their daily life. Below we will reveal the horrible truth about fibromyalgia, an extremely rare disease …

Several important researchers have just discovered an important source of pain in the blood vessels of humans. For years it was believed that it was really the organ of the brain that produced this intense pain, at least that was what popular belief said. The results of the research carried out have reached the end of a mystery that has been worrying doctors for several decades; Before it was believed that everything was in the patient’s imagination.

The terrible fibromyalgia disease has millions of patients all over the world, they all wonder why they have developed the disease. For years they used analgesics to heal themselves, as doctors had said by active and passive that everything was a source of their imagination. However now scientists have shown that the pain comes from a more unsuspected place, the blood vessels of our hand …

Fibromyalgia cure

What has been achieved thanks to this? This discovery has led to the possibility of investigating new treatments to combat this disease; In addition a complete cure of the disease could even be obtained in the future. About 5 million people worldwide have the disease, so doctors began researching with a patient who did not have nerve fibers in their hands, so he was not able to respond to pain.

Later they were able to obtain samples of the skin of the hands of several patients with fibromyalgia. They found something really strange, nothing less than several nerve fibers with a kind of deviation. Until then, scientists thought that the fibers of the hand only regulate the blood flow of the place, and that they did not influence the pain we felt, but the direct relationship between these two variables has just been found …

Fibromyalgia cure

This incredible finding could also solve that doubt many doctors had: why many people feel a sharp pain in their hands and why in cold climates this seems to get worse. It seems that the sensation of pain increases in patients with fatigue. US neuroscientist Frank Rice has stated this: “For a long time we thought that these nerves only regulate blood, but we have found that they also contribute to our sense of touch and pain.”

Sometimes the flow of blood that comes to our hands does not come in the exact amount or distribution, so it can be the source of several discomfort or intense muscular pain, in addition to causing great fatigue; This is due to accumulations of lactic acid in the area. The treatments that we have today do not completely relieve the symptoms of these patients, but everything can have a great solution …

Fibromyalgia cure

Until a few months ago, the solution that doctors gave patients with fibromyalgia was quite wrong. They were usually given narcotic analgesics, anti-seizure medications, antidepressants and advice as usual and everyday as eating well, sleep more hours and exercise regularly. Although this sometimes calmed the symptoms of fibromyalgia a little, it was not the effective solution for the disappearance of the disease.

Fibromyalgia cure

Dr. Rice continues with his explanation: “When patients comment on things to doctors and they can not find out what their illness is, they usually think the patient is crazy and the disease is in their head. Since the beginning of time there has been this disease, but no one knew how to solve it. We now know that blood vessel surgery will make it possible for our patients to return to normal life. “

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