The National Assembly May Investigate Fibromyalgia

By Olivier Philippe-Viela

HEALTH The establishment of a commission of inquiry on this disease causes unknown must be examined on Wednesday …

La fibromyalgie, ou maladie de la douleur, est très difficile à diagnostiquer et touche majoritairement les femmes.

It is a mysterious disease which nevertheless affects about 3% of the French population. Fibromyalgia, the syndrome causes include fatigue and muscle pain, should be an inquiry commission, whose creation was examined Wednesday morning by the Social Affairs Committee of the National Assembly, after the proposal of MP Communist of the Oise Patrick Carvalho and his group in the lower house.

“The goal is to discuss what this disease, which affects 1.5 to 2 million people in France and 14 million in Europe,” said the one. Fibromyalgia is indeed very poorly known and difficult to diagnose. It mainly affects women and, in detail, causes widespread pain, cognitive disorders, sleep and mood, as well as general fatigue.

The origin of the disease would find in an emotional shock, such as loss of a loved one. Problem today, there is no specific treatment against the syndrome. So the affected people relieve their symptoms with a combination, as the case variable, made analgesics, antidepressants and relaxation exercises.

“Patients suffer martyrdom”

“Medicines are not always suitable, explains Patrick Carvalho. Some doctors even think it’s psychosomatic, so that the persons concerned have real pain. The disease is sometimes treated with medications for people suffering from psychological problems. It is not suitable, it puts them flat, some die before age. Others think they have an undiagnosed cancer, families shattered because of this. ”

Hence the desire to do research on the subject, while in France, fibromyalgia is not officially recognized at the discretion of the treating physician. The World Health Organization has yet classified as rheumatism since 1992, and a global day dedicated to him on May 12 “Patients suffer martyrdom, said the MP. It is important that the Ministry of Health cares, and I hope that the findings of the inquiry will make things happen. It’s omerta whenever the subject comes up, for budgetary reasons, I suppose, as usual. ”

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