“We Do Not Sleep, It Was Wrong, There Is Nothing That Relieves Us”: The Soon Recognized Fibromyalgia As A Disease?

By Par Marion Fersing.

Passer l'aspirateur, jardiner, certains gestes simples sont impossibles à faire

Fibromyalgia, the syndrome that affects the nerves and muscles, may soon be recognized as a disease. That’s what Tuesday request the inquiry commission headed by the Socialist MEP Vendée Sylviane Bulteau. At least two million people in France suffer. Testimony.

It is the disease of “hurting all over” bad all the time “in the words of those who are reached. Except precisely, fibromyalgia, this very painful syndrome that affects the nerves and muscles is still not recognized as a disease, so not covered by social security, while handicaps at least two million people in France. But that could change. the parliamentary commission of inquiry headed by the Socialist MP Vendée, Sylviane Bulteau makes 20 proposals in this direction. His report is made on Tuesday.
A Difficult To Diagnose Syndrome

And this recognition is very important for “fibromyalgia” as Laurence Hervé. This inhabitant of Rezé is reached nearly 20 years since a road accident. “I thought several times to commit an irrevocable gesture because I suffered so much! It was from morning to night. We not sleep, it hurts, it’s nothing that relieves us.” And the disease is difficult to diagnose. Better train doctors to identify, it is therefore one of the report’s proposals.

Then come the care Laurence: sport, relaxation therapy, physiotherapy … However, certain things are very complicated. “There are days when I can not vacuum, mop, because I am very tired. There are days when I get up in the morning and I go back to sleep at the breakfast because I n ‘have not slept all night. Even carrying a shopping bag, it can be exhausting! “. Symptoms include the same type of soreness that when you have the flu all the time. So disabling that Laurence had to give up his mail carrier business. She then beaten for several years that fibromyalgia is recognized as a disease and that those who suffer can have adapted workstations. This may be the case soon, with also a better care for patients. Now it’s high health authority to consider the proposals of the parliamentary inquiry.


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